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200m Fiber Glass Fish Tape

200m Fiber Glass Fish Tape

Fiber glass duct rodder Features: 1.This fiber glass fish tape is of high elasticity, low friction, the tool is time-saving 2.Yellow composite ropes is easy to be seen in dark environment of this fiber glass duct rodder 3.Do not use the tool other than rope pulling 4.This fiber glass fish tape...

200m Fiber Glass Fish Tape

It is a necessary tool for cable laying works. We have different length for you to choose from. 


1.This duct rodder is of high elasticity, and its friction is low, the tool saves time.

2.Yellow color composite wire make it easy to be observed in dark of this instrument

3.Do not use the instrument except rope pulling

4.This duct rodder is used to repeat operation with high effectiveness and efficiency. A good combination of solidity and toughness with corrosion and wear resistance and long life expectancy




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