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Battery Cable Crimping Tool

Battery Cable Crimping Tool

400mm2 Battery powered crimping tool ECT-12042 Features: C-head with 42mm opening width, easy connector pick & place, suitable for crimping sleeves of the Battery powered crimper Built in safety valve, automatic pressure-relief at Max. pressure Built-in microchip controller, more crimping...

Battery cable crimping tool ECT-12042

The most classic battery crimper, 12T/120KN, 700 bar, crimping capacity up to 400mm2/750kcmil (MCM).

18V Li-ion battery, quick charger.

Customized crimping dies available.

Light weight, easy to handle.


*Hexagon crimping type with 360 degree rotation.

*Lock type head.

• Trigger Switch: Make ram advance by pressing it. Pressure

can be hold when loose trigger switch

• Manual Retraction Button: Dies can be retracted with ram by

pressing retraction button for checking or adjusting during operation

• Automatic Retraction Function: Dies automaitcally retract with

ram once crimping is completed

• LED illuminates working area for easy operation

• Powerful Motor: ensure quick and efficient crimping

• Ergonomic design for one hand operation

• Li-on lower power weight ratio with 50% more capacity and shorter charging cycles


       Output Force: 12 Tonne/120kN                                       Rated Pressure: 700bar

       Crimping Capacity: 16-400mm2 Cu/Al Cable                     Weight: 6.9kg/15.7lbs

       Packing: Plastic Case                                                     Standard Dies: Cu50-400mm2

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