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Hydraulic Cutter Head Tool

Hydraulic Cutter Head Tool

55mm Hydraulic cutter head tool PC-55 Features: 1. This hydraulic cutter can cut armored Cu, Al cable and ACSR. 2. The hydraulic cutting head is flip top style, easy to insert cutting target. 3. With bolt interlocking closed cutting head. 4. Cutting head of the cable cutter rotates 360°. 5....

Hydraulic cutter head  tool

 1. This tool can be used to cut armored Cu, Al cable and ACSR.
 2. Flip head style of the tool head, simpler to put in the cutting cable.
 3. Work head with bolt inter-locking closed function.
 4. Work head's rotating degree is 360°.
 5. Single circuit hydraulic pump can be used as its power supply.
 6. The actual cutting ability is decided by the species of cable.


  1. No.: PC-55

  2. Output Force: 12000kg

  3. Working Pressure: 70Mpa

  4. Cutting Ability:  Max. Ø55mm Cu/Al/ACSR

                                 Max. Ø22mm steel bar

  1. Weight: 4.5kg

  2. Package: Canvas Bag




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