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Hydraulic Pump Single

Hydraulic Pump Single

Automatic release hand pump HP-700A Features: Pump is designed with two stage of high and low speed for quick oil output. Internal safety valve makes auto-relief when it reaches set value. Vacuum oil receptacle can work at any angle. Made of high strength and light metal, high strength and...

hydraulic pump single REP-1 Hydraulic electric pump


1. 2-meter remote control cable provides safety and convenience

2. Electromagnetic valve control the hydraulic pump

3. Oil output can be inching put by using the remote control

4. Pressure can be retained in case of need (pressure maintaining)


Reservoir capacity: 5.0L

Rated pressure: 700bar

High pressure flow rate: 0.7L/min

Low pressure flow rate: 6L/min

Input: AC220V/750W

Weight: 25kg



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