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Caterpillar Crane Composition
Jun 12, 2018

The crawler crane consists of a power device, a working mechanism, and a moving arm, a turntable, and a chassis.
Folding arm
In order to assemble multiple truss structures, the length can be changed after adjusting the number of knots. The lower end is hinged on the front of the turntable, and the top is suspended with a variable wire rope pulley set to change its inclination.
There are also secondary arms installed at the top of the moving arm, and the secondary arm and the moving arm have a certain angle. The lifting mechanism has two rolling systems, the main rolling system is used for arm lifting, and the secondary rolling system is used for arm lifting.
Folding turntable
Through the rotary support mounted on the chassis, all the weight on the turntable can be passed to the chassis, which is equipped with a power device, a transmission system, a rolling hoist, a control mechanism, a weight allocation, and a hangar. The power device can turn the turntable 360 ° through the rotary mechanism. The rotary support consists of the upper and lower rollers and the rolling parts(rollers, rollers) between them, which can transfer all the weight on the turntable to the chassis and ensure the free rotation of the turntable.
Folding chassis

Including walking mechanism and walking device: the former makes the crane walk before and after and turn left and right; The latter consists of a track frame, a drive wheel, a guide wheel, a branch wheel, a support Sprocket wheel, and a track wheel. The power device rotates the drive wheel through vertical axis, horizontal axis and chain drive, thus driving the guide wheel and the support wheel, so that the entire machine can walk along the track.