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Hydraulic Pump
Nov 09, 2018

Hydraulic pump

The hydraulic pump is the power component of the hydraulic system, which is driven by the engine or motor, and sucks the oil from the hydraulic oil tank to form the pressure oil discharge and send to the actuator. Hydraulic pumps are divided into gear pumps, plunger pumps, vane pumps and screw pumps.


Types of common hydraulic pumps:

1. It can be divided into variable pump and quantitative pump according to whether the flow rate can be adjusted. The output flow can be adjusted according to the need is called variable pump, the flow can not be adjusted is called quantitative pump.

2. According to the commonly used pump structure in the hydraulic system, it can be divided into gear pump, blade pump and plunger pump.

Gear pump: smaller volume, simpler structure, less requirements on oil cleanliness, lower price; However, the pump shaft is subjected to unbalanced force, serious wear and leakage.

Vane pump: divided into double acting vane pump and single acting vane pump. The pump has uniform flow, smooth operation, low noise, higher operating pressure and volumetric efficiency than gear pump, and more complex structure than gear pump.

Plunger pump: high volume efficiency, small leakage, working under high pressure, mostly used in high-power hydraulic system; But the structure is complex, the material and the processing precision request is high, the price is expensive, to the oil clean degree request is high.

Plunger pump is usually used when gear pump and vane pump cannot meet the requirements. There are some other forms of hydraulic pumps, such as screw pumps, but the application is not as common as the above three types.

Features of hydraulic manual pump:

1. Suitable for flammable and explosive places; no spark is generated during operation;

2. High and low pressure output, automatic transformation and faster emergency response time;

3. Can connect any hydraulic tool;

4. Wide range of use;

5, the use of aviation hydraulic oil, can be in 55 ° to 30 ° C ~ C work under the environment temperature;

6. The operation is noiseless.

Application scope:

Hydraulic manual pump as a hydraulic power source, small appearance, light weight, easy to carry manual pump series of products. Designed for emergency and explosion hazards. Traffic accident rescue, earthquake and other disaster rescue, accident rescue and so on.