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Successfully Ended In 2018, Enjoying The Hopeful 2019
Jan 23, 2019

On23th, January 2019, our department held a staff meeting.

The first content of the conference summarizes the work of 2018. The achievements in 2018 are gratifying. We need to learn 2018 years of work experience to lay the foundation for the opening of 2019.

The second item of the meeting is to plan the work of 2019. We are confident that we will take our work to the next level in 2019. In 2019, We will work harder and earnestly, keep good product quality, and strive to update our research and development products to make our customers more satisfied.

The third item of the meeting is the awarding session. We have three awards to reward the best employees. They are the champion with the largest number of orders, the champion with the most new customer development, and the champion with the highest monthly order value. We set these awards to motivate employees to work harder and more seriously.

The last item of the meeting was a dinner party for employees.Today is the day of harvest. We celebrated this wonderful moment with wine. In 2019, we will work harder and serve our customers more intimately. In 2019, we hope that we hope to harvest more fruit.