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TCS-5 Trolley Cable Straightening Tool
Oct 25, 2018

Customers are very satisfied with our products TCS-5 Trolley cable straightening tool. 

The photo below is a scenario from our customers using our products.The customer gave us a high degree of appreciation for our products.


TCS-5 Trolley cable straightening tool




        1. Designed to straighten trolley cable, with steel rolls and copper rolls for choice.

            Scope of application: 85, 110, 120,150mm², and it has copper and iron

            straightening wheels


        2. Applicable for straightening trolley cables with tension force between 10KN and

            20KN; maximum alignment curvature of 30°


        3. Without causing hard points after calibration and no damage to conductors,

            ensure smooth surface of cables


        4. Hand-operated (no use of electricity or other energy), small-sized, light weight

           ( only 6.5kg) and easy to carry, safe and simple operation


       5. Widely used in subway, city and high speed railway flexible wire suspension