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Xianheng International Academician Workstation Is Listed In The Shangcheng Daily
Oct 11, 2018

On 21th August, 2018, the Shangcheng Daily News reported the Xianheng International Academician Workstation.

It affirmed the contributions and achievements of the Xianheng International Academician Workstation in the field of emergency.

The propaganda and affirmation of Shangcheng Daily encouraged the Xianheng International Academician workstation to continue to develop in the direction of specialization and advancement in the field of emergency industry.

Since the establishment of the Xianheng International Academician workstation, the emergency drill cloud platform design plan has been completed and the “VR emergency cable” has been constructed.

The failure plan training room has obtained the software copyright of the emergency cloud platform.

The platform is a set of practical training drills that combines advanced VR technology with advanced situational training concepts. It is widely used in emergency training and drills of government and enterprises.

The design of the micro-fire station and the cloud-connected cloud platform completed by the Xianheng International Academician Workstation has obtained the software copyright of the micro-fire station.

This platform is based on the "Internet +" thinking, through the use of Internet of Things,cloud services, big data, mobile Internet and GIS geographic information systems and other technologies to achieve intelligent firefighting construction of micro-fire stations, fire monitoring of the area responsible for micro-fire stations , alarm, and link all kinds of elements involved in fire fighting and rescue, fire information required to achieve real-time, dynamic, interactive, integration, fire information collection, transmission and processing.